Bat Removal Westchester, NY

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Do you need emergency help removing bats from your home? Call Intrepid Wildlife Services now at 914-293-7593. Our experienced wildlife experts will humanely remove and help prevent future invading bats! When a bat decides to call your home his new abode, the results can be more than frightening. Bats can be downright dangerous until removed. If you’ve discovered one of these creatures has taken up residence in your home, call our wildlife experts immediately, and let us handle your bat removal needs. Our humane removal of bats fully complies with Westchester health regulations, and is designed to keep you and your loved ones safe, while carefully removing the intruder from the property.

Handle bat removal in Westchester, NY with a single phone call. At Intrepid Wildlife Services, no problem is too big or too small for us to take care of quickly, efficiently, and safely. Removal isn’t just important in terms of avoiding conflict with the animal, but in eliminating mites, ticks, and other bug issues, which can present unique problems all their own. If you suspect a bat is living in your home, don’t take chances. Call the experts at Intrepid, and put an end to your worries for good!

Noises in the attic? Could be bats!

Facts About Bats:

In Westchester County, bats breed in the fall season and are born in June. Young bats are unable to fly for approximately six weeks. Bats are insectivores, consuming tons of pest insects annually in the United States. Bats are very agile hunters of the night sky. Bats are equipped with echolocation, a sophisticated process by which bats track prey insects. This technique makes bats very agile hunters in the night sky.

Big Brown Bats (Eptesicus fuscus)Bat Removal in Westchester

The most commonly seen bat in Westchester County. These bats roost in attics and walls of people’s homes . When they are found for the first time it is because they are seen in the immediate living space. In some cases these bats can be found in basements as well. Typically when one bat is found inside a house or structure there is a good possibility of an established colony in the attic or wall space. These colonies can range from a few to hundreds of bats.

Bat Removal Service in Westchester County, NYLittle Brown Bats (Myotis lucifugus)

The most common bat in North America. Little Brown bats are now rarely seen in New York because of its susceptibility to “White Nose Syndrome” which is a infectious fungal growth that causes the affected bat to wake up prematurely from hibernation, act strangely and lose critical fat reserves which, then, causes it death. Because of this many states have listed these bats as a sensitive or protected species.

Silver-haired Bats (Lasionycteris noctivagans)

Silver Haired Bat

Easily identified by the silver hair on the back of their bodies these bats. In recent years, we have found more silver-haired bats flying around in the living space during the winter time.

Heath Concerns:


bat with rabies caught in westchester county NY

May 2017 – First bat with confirmed rabies this year for Intrepid Wildlife Services. Please call a professional when you have bats in the house, because you never know.

The most common danger bats pose to humans is the Rabies virus, an extremely fatal disease. Rabies targets the central nervous system and ultimately the brain resulting in death within days if left untreated. Because bats tend to be aggressive and disoriented when confronted, it is important to minimize the chances that any humans or pets in the home may end up being bitten or scratched by the animal. Rather than confronting or attacking the intruder, call Intrepid Wildlife Services immediately for bat removal Westchester, NY. If you are bit by a bat seek medical attention immediately.

Click here to learn more about Rabies.

Other Risks
In addition to Rabies, Bats can carry mites, ticks and other bugs. Guano commonly referred to as bat droppings, can contain histoplasmosis. Contact with this fungus can result in serious health problems, most notable respiratory issues. The Westchester County Health Department follows strict guidelines regarding any bats found residing in a house. All bats removed from a house are required to be tested for rabies. Intrepid Wildlife Services is qualified in the handling, removal and preparation of bats and fully complies with all Westchester County Health Department regulations.

Bat Removal:

Intrepid Wildlife Services offers a 24/7 emergency service to remove any bats in your immediate living space. In accordance with The Westchester Department of health all bats removed from a clients home or immediate living space are tested for rabies, clients will be notified of the results within 48 hours from either the Department of Health or Intrepid Wildlife Services. All bats captured and removed from the living space must be euthanized in order for the safe transportation and testing of said bat for rabies. If the bats are not in the living space (i.e. attic, basement, crawlspaces or walls) bat proofing of the structure will be needed.

Bat Proofing:

Each home and/or structure in Westchester is different which means a different approach in every instance. Bats are known to use the smallest gaps and oddest entry ways. Different building materials present different opportunities for them to gain entry. A trained wildlife control technician will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home or building from top to bottom. During this inspection will determine where entry ways are located. Once the inspection is complete and all entry ways and vulnerabilities are identified the process of exclusion and prevention begins by way of installing a series of one way doors. These doors allow bats to exit but not reenter. This bat removal process is tried and true and is guaranteed for most structures. In addition the remaining vulnerable areas are sealed up preventing reentry. The best materials available are used to seal your home’s vulnerable areas. These materials include tri-polymer sealants, heavy wire mesh, copper gauze and aluminum trim stock. Intrepid prides itself on making sure the appearance of your home is not altered, rather it is improved as we make sure to personally detail any exclusionary devices to match the aesthetic of your home. A two year guarantee is also offered to qualified homes.