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There are 17 species of snakes in New York the majority being non venomous. Those that are venomous are rarely seen by people let alone in your home. Snakes are great pest control eating countless rodents and insects. While many people fear snakes their positive benefits cannot be denied. If you are unable to positively identify a snake do not touch or kill it. Leave it to the experts at Intrepid Wildlife Services for snake removal Westchester.

The Common Garder Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis)

The most commonly seen snake in Westchester County. Garter Snakes often have a yellow stripe on a brown or green background. Their lengths can range between 22 and 54 inches. Mostly seen during the summer months the Garter prefers warmer temperatures and is most active during the morning and late afternoon. Garter Snakes are not venomous, however a bite from them can cause itching, burning and/or swelling. Their breeding period lasts from July to October. Unlike most snakes the females give birth to live young which can live up to 10 years.

Western Rat Snake (Pantherophis obsoletus)

Commonly known as Black or Rat Snakes. Often breeding in May they make their nests in logs or barns. Eggs are hatched 65-70 days later. Black snakes are great pest control, eating mice, rats, frogs and other snakes. They can reach lengths of 7 feet.

Milk Snake (Lampropeltis triangulum)

Milk snakes breed in June and July and also lay eggs. Milk snake’s diet consist primarily of mice and other small rodents. They are often confused with the Northern Copperhead. They grow between 2-3 feet rarely reaching over 4 feet in length.

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus)

Most commonly found in the southern United States it is not unheard of to find these dangerous snakes in parts of New York and Westchester. They are protected by state and federal law and require special permits to removeand relocate them. These snakes are the most dangerous snake found in all of the Americas. Studies show that the mortality rate for humans ranges anywhere from 10-30%.

Health Concerns:

Although not all snakes found in New York are venomous it recommended to call 911 and seek medical attention immediately! If bitten make note or a picture of the snake.

Snake Removal:

We receive many calls from home owners in Westchester, NY with snake sightings. In your home, snakes can be found in basements, attics, garages, foundations, bathrooms, cars and even under freezers. Around your house or yard, snakes will go under your porch or deck, into rock walls and sometimes go for a swim in your pool. Our goal is to safely and humanely remove the snake without any harm. We accomplish this by using specialized equipment such as snake tongs, a grasper and gloves. Once the snake is safely removed it is transported to a holding container where it will be relocated to an appropriate habitat far away from your home.

Snake Prevention:

If you find a snake in your home, Intrepid Wildlife Services can not only humanely remove the snake but also inspect your house for vulnerable areas. Once vulnerable gaps and spaces are located, we use only quality materials providing long lasting barriers to prevent further re entry. When inspecting your property we will also make recommendations that you the homeowner can do to make your home less attractive to snakes. One easy solution, eliminating brush piles or debris from around your yard. Give us a call for more information about snake removal Westchester.