Entry ways

Often times wildlife will try and find an entry point into your home. If they cannot find one large enough they will often widen or create one. Many times we see chewing of facia boards, siding, gabled vents and, on occasion, through roofs. Intrepid will locate and after removal seal entryways with a variety of high quality construction material such as; aluminum trim stock and galvanized wire.

An open hole before:
Wildlife Damage Repair

An open hole after:
Wildlife Damage Repair After Photo Westchester NY

Examples of custom vent cover:

Wildlife Damage Repair with new vent coverAnimal Damage Repairs

Chimney Caps

One of the easiest access points for wildlife to enter a home is through an unprotected or poorly kept chimney. Wildlife such as raccoons, birds and squirrels will use the chimney as either an access point or nesting area for themselves and their young.

The easiest way to prevent this is to cover the tops of chimneys with high quality caps.

Example of a low quality and under kept cap:

Low quality chimney cap needs replaced.

Examples of stainless steel caps Intrepid installs:

Stainless Steel caps to keep out animals

Exclusionary Work