Emergency Wildlife Control Services

Call 914-293-7593 For 24/7 Emergency NY Wildlife Removal and Prevention because wildlife does not wait for normal business hours.

Emergency Services Wildlife Removal

Varying from town to town, local police departments may respond to wild animals in a home when they are found in the immediate living area. Many factors will determine this such as the type of animal, time of day and availability of officers or animal control officials.

If the police department does not have the policy of removing animals they will often refer Intrepid Wildlife Services to respond. This is because we are experts in dealing with wildlife removal and have the proper training and equipment.

Intrepid prides itself on rapidly responding to your emergency service needs.

Often we receive calls by a client saying that a wild animal has entered their immediate living space and is either running around, damaging the interior or threatening the client and/or their families or the family pet.

Intrepid Wildlife Services will immediately send over a trained wildlife technician to the client’s home to deal with and remove the intrusive wildlife.

Some instances of emergency calls are as follows:

– Bats flying around the main level of a home (which is a serious issue and require testing).
– A family pet getting into a confrontation with a raccoon during the evening hours.
– Windows being chewed up and a squirrel is now running around the living room.
– A squirrel falling through a chimney
– A snake in a basement
– A skunk being trapped inside of a window well.

Don’t hesitate to call for any wild animal in your home. There’s no reason to live in fear when we’re just a phone call away!