How long has Intrepid Wildlife Services been in business?

Intrepid Wildlife Services has been in business since October 2006 but the owner, Ray Hartley, has been a licensed wildlife control operator since 1993.

What is a nuisance animal?

A “nuisance animal” is any wildlife that causes damage to a home or property and/or threatening the safety of people or their pets.

What is a nuisance wildlife control operator?

Someone who is licensed by the state, in which they operate, to handle and remove nuisance wildlife.

What kind of wildlife does Intrepid handle?

We handle the following wildlife inside of Westchester County and Putnam County:
– Bats
– Squirrels
– Raccoons
– Birds
– Snakes
– Skunks
– Possums
– Woodchucks/Groundhogs
– Moles
– Voles
– Turtles
– Frogs
– Rabbits
– Fox
– Coyote
– Chipmunks
– Beaver
– Mink
– Weasels
– And others such as exotic animals

Are their any restrictions surrounding wildlife removal?

Yes, some species of wildlife require special permits from the state during certain times of the year to remove or relocate them.
Some examples are: beaver, Canadian Geese and other federally protected birds

Can homeowners trap wildlife themselves?

Although we do not recommend homeowners handling wildlife on their own by law you can trap wildlife but cannot transport or remove from property in the state of New York. If a homeowner does capture an animal, they will have to call a licensed wildlife control operator to remove it.

What should I do if my pet gets into a confrontation with a wild animal?

Depending on the wild animal your pet could have contracted Rabies or some other disease. If you see, or think you see, any bite marks do not handle your pet without wearing gloves. Consult your local health department or veterinarian clinic; it is better to play it safe.

How can we remove wildlife without orphaning young?

Animals residing in structures have various timeframes for giving birth, which differ from those that live purely in the wild. We are constantly monitoring animals to determine if a female is lactating (feeding young). If such a case is found, we will locate the nest, remove the mother and the young and make sure they stay together. If the mother is captured beforehand we will make sure to reunite her with the young afterwards.

What kind of services does Intrepid Wildlife Services offer?

Intrepid Wildlife Services offers a variety of wildlife control services:
– Emergency Services – removal of wildlife in the immediate living area
– Sight assessments – evaluation of structures and properties for possible entry ways and vulnerabilities
– Wildlife surveys – evaluation of property to identify possible nuisance wildlife and their numbers
– Trapping Programs – Setting of exclusionary devices and traps to remove wildlife
– Animal Proofing – Sealing of entry ways to homes and structures
– Habitat modification – changing man made structures to hinder wildlife
– Dead animal removal
– Odor control

How long will a job typically take?

The average job, depending on the task, can take anywhere between five minutes to two weeks. We even have ongoing monthly and yearly maintenance programs for larger facilities.

What sort of buildings and structures do you work on?

Generally, Intrepid works on houses but we also offer services for businesses and larger industrial facilities.

Are there any discounts or promotions for services?

Yes we currently offer discounts to senior citizens and active military families.