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Squirrel Removal Westchester, NYFor squirrel removal in Westchester, NY, count on Intrepid Wildlife Services. Squirrels are more than a nuisance. Remove unwanted squirrels or they could literally eat you out of house and home!

Squirrels are difficult to catch. In your home squirrels cause damage. They are able to eat through common household materials. Squirrels chew ceilings, walls, and electric wiring. They use many entry points.

Experience in Westchester taught us the most effective ways to catch a squirrel.

Remove squirrels safely and humanely

Our goal is not to kill squirrels. They are just unwelcome visitors to your property. We want the squirrels to leave and deter them from ever coming back. Inspection of your property lets us know if you have an intruder from the outside. This knowledge tells us how best to protect your home. Squirrel-proofing their way from getting inside from that point on.

Intrepid Wildlife Services seal vulnerable areas in your home. We provide stainless steel chimney caps, and eliminate easy squirrel access to the property. When you need squirrel removal in Westchester, NY, don’t wait around for fly-by-night companies. Your call is always our top priority. We offer competitive pricing on wildlife removal services. Intrepid Wildlife Services is only call you need to make when you have squirrels damaging your home.

Call today for an inspection, and let us help you make sure outdoor wildlife stays outdoors!

Squirrel Damage:

Like most rodents, squirrels are very aggressive chewers. Squirrels will chew through wood, enlarging even the tiniest of openings, allowing entry. They chew through vinyl siding, insect screening, gabled vents, and shingles. A common reason for squirrel chewing is to gain attic and wall access. They want in for nesting and raising young.

Squirrels target homes because of safety from predators and warmth. Once inside, squirrels begin collecting nesting material such as leaves, sticks and insulation. Nest materials retain odor from the accumulation of droppings and urine.

Sometimes squirrels fall down chimneys. Then they have access to living spaces. Damage is done to electrical and phone lines through chewing. This combination with nesting material, poses real fire hazard.


Gray Squirrels
Squirrel Removal and Trapping

In New York the most common squirrel is the Easter Gray Squirrel which are often seen in yards, parks etc. Gray squirrels mate twice a year. Their first breeding period is May through June. The second is December through February. Typical litters of Gray squirrels range from two to six but. Litters can reach as high as eight. The young are weened by the seventh week and can leave the next by the tenth. Life expectancy is around 12.5 years. Squirrel diet consists of acorns, tree bark, nuts, berries, fungi and seeds.

Flying Squirrels

Unlike the gray squirrel, flying squirrels are nocturnal and very social. Flying squirrels will den in attics and walls, with as many as 15 flying squirrels denning together. Flying squirrels will become most active between October through April. Their mating season comes during late December and early January while their young are born often in March and April. Their average life expectancy is six years. Being omnivores flying squirrels will eat a wide range food sources such as bugs, fungi, flowers, seeds, and even slugs. Flying squirrels glide which helps them easily move from tree to tree or structure to structure.

Flying squirrels are nocturnal and very social. They den in attics and walls. As many as 15 flying squirrels den together. They are most active between October to April. Mating season comes during late December and early January. Young are born in March and April. Their average life expectancy is six years.


Here are typical signs there are squirrels in the attic. Noises from the attic or walls. Scratching, scurrying, and “rolling” or “bowling with acorns”. Squirrels on the roof one moment and disappear the next. Squirrels entering holes on the roofline. Intrepid Wildlife Services provides Westchester County residents with many habitat modification options to squirrel proof homes.

Intrepid Wildlife Services will remove the offending squirrels with specialized trapping techniques. We use humane live traps and specialty multi-catch squirrel traps to safely remove the squirrels. Upon completion of squirrel removal services, squirrels are released in pre-designated locations far away from your home. Once the squirrel removal is completed we prevent future squirrel damage. Seal vulnerable areas. Cover vents, fill soffit gaps, rooflines and air conditioner lines. We supply and install stainless steel and custom chimney caps.