Intrepid Wildlife ServicesFounded in 2006 by Ray Hartley, Intrepid Wildlife Services is based in Mohegan Lake, New York. Intrepid Wildlife Services covers animal problems in all of Westchester and Putnam county as well as Fairfield County in Connecticut.

Ray Hartley is the founder and primary wildlife operator of Intrepid Wildlife Services. Licensed since 1993, Ray has over 25 years of experience dealing with all sorts of wildlife and the problems they bring. Aside from being licensed by the state of New York and Connecticut, Ray is certified in various details of nuisance wildlife control.

Expert wildlife control service in Westchester, NY are at your disposal. A simple phone call to Intrepid Wildlife Services takes care of it all. We understand how upsetting it can be to find a wild animal has taken up residence on your property. Taking on the task of animal removal without professional assistance leads to potentially dangerous situations. It’s important to call the professionals at Intrepid Wildlife Services the moment you suspect you have uninvited wildlife. We’ll help find safe, effective, and humane ways to deal with the situation.

Family-Friendly Wildlife Removal

It isn’t always easy to protect your home and family from danger. Unwanted human intruders aren’t the only concerns you have to worry about. Many animals have become used to the presence of humans, and are unable to draw distinctions between the land they call home and the area occupied by your home. Once an animal chooses to take up residence, you may find that a female is nesting or an entire colony has moved in. Particularly, if your property contains an easy food source for the animals. We help protect your home and your family by locating and blocking off the vulnerable areas in your home that an animal might use for entry.

The next time you need experienced wildlife control service in Westchester, NY, Intrepid Wildlife Services is the only name you’ll need to remember. We have years of experience in wildlife control under our belts. We are the most experienced and knowledgeable wildlife removal service in the area. If you’re not certain your problem is due to a wild animal, ask us for an inspection of your property. Don’t take chances with your home. Call today for an inspection and show unwanted four-legged intruders the door for good!