Mike – Yorktown NY

A skunk fell into my basement window well.  It kept spraying inside the window well. Even with all the windows closed, my house STUNK!!  I called Ray and he was able to get the skunk into a trap and out of the window well.  He even gave me some tips for getting the smell out!  I will always recommend Ray to anyone and everyone.  he really is a life saver!!

Jackie – Tarrytown NY

In the middle of winter, we heard a strange scratching coming from inside our chimney.  I asked my intrepid son to stick his head and there to see what it was:  a pair of animal eyes attached to something furry!  On the phone, Ray explained that we should block the fireplace to keep the animal confined, then he came out right away, wriggled into the curved chimney flue and set a trap with some food in it for the squirrel.  Next day, the captured squirrel was carried out — no mess, no problems, no upset little children!

Jean Vachon – Chappaqua:

This morning I found an 18 inch snake in my dining room. I killed it with a shoe, got bitten in 3 places on my hand.  Called 3 wild life #’s, none of which would respond. I was very concerned that the snake might be venomous. My hand swelled up and turned blue in the ares of the bites. Finally called the county and was given the name of Intrepid.  Though several miles north on a job in Pound Ridge, they assured me that they would be here as soon as they could. They asked for a description of the snake and assured me that it sounded like a garter snake and that needn’t worry. They were  attuned and responsive to how very upset I was after single handedly pummeling my first snake to smithereens!!! Within 35  minutes Ray and his colleague were at my door.  Disposed of the snake, cleaned the guts and blood from the floor and wall with bleach, did a thorough inspection of my house and basement and assured me that this snake was a one time visitor and that there were no o!
thers. Educated me re: what to look for in terms of droppings . Even examined the bite marks on my hand.  This is a very impressive company and I am so very thank ful to them for their professionalism and responsiveness.     Five Million Stars!!!!

Jo Putter: Westchester, NY

If only I had Ray’s number when I first saw a raccoon climb into my attic through a hole next to a drainpipe! Living in Rockland, I looked for a  local contact. I hired a service that advertised itself as certified for animal removal in NY. The raccoon was trapped that night and removed in the early morning. Everything seemed fine until that afternoon when I heard noises in the attic. It was then that I discovered four infant raccoons scrambling around looking for mom. The “certified” animal service person failed to see that she was a lactating female. Since it was Saturday, the service was closed and not accepting calls until Monday.  For sure, I would have had four dead babies in my attic by then. Two hours of calls ( including the DEC) and not one person could help me. ( I have a son who is a veterinarian in CT and even he could not help me.)  Finally, a kind person in a “bugs only” service gave me Ray’s number and he actually answered the call on a Saturday afte!
rnoon! Although Rockland County is not in his normal service area, I think he sensed my desperation. He kindly agreed to take the long drive here. Soon after arriving he had all four babies safely gathered. He told me about any number of things that could have been done to trap the mom and babies and release them together. I could not believe that the first service I called did not do any of the things that they should have that would have kept this little family together. Ray was so knowledgeable and kind and I will be forever grateful to him for saving me and the raccoon babies. He is a true hero to me…he should be rich and famous! I cannot make that happen for him but I know that a lot of people, like me, will will always hold him in high regard for his knowledge, dedication and compassion.
PS… My son’s clinic now has a valuable resource for people like me. Thank you Ray. You’re the best!

Tom and Gabriella – Stamford, CT:

There is nothing worse than having a bat flying around in your house at 10:30 at night while trying to put your 10 month old to bed. Don’t bother calling 911, call Ray and watch him grab the bat out of the air at 1:30 in the morning, the best late night show I have ever seen, and that is the number one reason to call Intrepid.

Jesse & Lisa – Larchmont, NY:

Late on a Sunday afternoon, we discovered a squirrel trapped in our chimney. We called Ray, and explained the problem. In spite of the fact it was 4:00pm on Sunday and we live in Larchmont, within an hour Ray was there and the squirrel was trapped (alive). Ray was a true gentleman and a professional whom I would strongly recommend.

Doug & Staci – Croton on Hudson:

My Wife and I appreciate the work you did on the skunk situation that was making our house inhabitable…I highly recommend your services to anyone with any type of wildlife or pest matters.

Jose and Tasha – Yonkers, NY:

OMG! I was so terrified of the oversized rat my husband discovered in our garbage can. Only to later find out that it was an oversized possum! After 3 days of being terrified to enter my home for fear of it leaping out and it biting me or my children, we finally found Intrepid Wildlife services! They were there in less than an hour and removed the possum in less than five minutes to the relief of our whole family! Did I mention that it was a Sunday afternoon! Thank you thank you!!!!

Madeleine – Yonkers, NY:

When I realized I had a family of squirrels living in my walls, I called Ray…it was New Year’s Eve. He showed up! Not too many people would do that. He came on the next morning (New Years day) and every day thereafter and handled my unpleasant situation quickly and professionally. I was pleased to see that he handled the animal catching and relocating in a humane manner. This was very important to me. Squirrels are cute, just not when you hear them in your walls! I can’t say enough great things about Ray and this company. You will be pleased. Thanks so much!

Matthew – Croton on Hudson:

We had poop galore around our property….porch roof, tool shed, etc. Now with the expertise and excellent service of Joe and Ray at Intrepid, six raccoons that used to call our property their home are now safely relocated—miles away—in the forest, where they belong. If I ever again have a wildlife problem, I will call these guys in a heartbeat. Extremely satisfied!

Paul – Chappaqua:

We had a deer stuck in our fence and I called Ray at 8PM on a Tuesday evening. He arrived in 40 minutes and was able to free the deer within 15 minutes without any harm to the animal. Thank you Ray.

Sabrina – Sleepy Hollow:

I called Ray for bat removal. He called back immediately, arrived within an hour and got the job done. He was very professional and took time to explain everything. If you need the job done immediately and professionally look no further than IWS. Thank you Ray!

Robert – Scarsdale, NY:

I had a family of squirrels living in my attic. Intrepid was able to trap all 5, remove them and protect my house from this recurring problem by closing up the areas where they were gaining access to my house.

Steve – Yonkers Raceway:

I highly recommend Intrepid. I called Ray and explained my problem and he came right out the same day. He looked at my issue and came back the next morning and successfully fixed my problem. I will be calling Intrepid in the future for my trapping needs.

Suzie – Larchmont, NY:

Intrepid wildlife solutions saved my life! They came in and took care of our goose situation. I would recommend them to anyone who has unwanted geese.
Thank You Ray!

David – Rye, NY:

I have used Ray twice and both times he came exactly when he said he would, he got the job done quickly and neatly AND at a very reasonable price. I would recommend Intrepid without hesitation.

Gail – Rye Brook, NY:

We called IWS on a Thursday evening regarding raccoons nesting deep inside a tree next to our kitchen door. They came first thing Friday morning and gently removed a mother and 4 babies from the tree and installed wiring across the hole in the tree to prevent other animals from nesting there in the future. We were thrilled at the prompt and humane removal of the family and the preventive measures suggested. We highly recommend Intrepid Wildlife Services and thank Ray and Joe for their timely, courteous service.

John – Cortlandt Manor, NY

I have called Intrepid twice within the last year and they have been consistent on both occasions. They came within 30 minutes each time and Ray was exceptionally professional in his manor. Not only was he able to provide the best assistance, but he was also very re-assuring based upon the advice and expertise that he provided. My wife and I are both confident that there won’t be any more ‘critters’ making a zoo out of our castle. Thanks Ray!!!

Michael – Chappaqua, NY

We woke up this morning to a visitor in our basement – a snake. It may have been small, but it was a snake nonetheless. We were referred to Intrepid and Ray showed up on time, removed the visitor and inspected. Excellent service!

Amy – Ardsley, NY

I called Ray and explained my problem, animals under what we thought was a fully enclosed deck. He came right out that morning. I had a family of raccoons (5) living under my deck in a window well. Ray quickly evicted them the same day.
I highly recommend Intrepid, he got the job done quickly and neatly AND at a very reasonable price.

Chris – Mount Kisco, NY

Ray at Intrepid gets the job done! I had it all going on from flying squirrels to bats entrenched in my attic. Ray was able to remove the critters and secure my house from further infiltration. Months later Woodpeckers took up a love for our wood siding. Ray came to the rescue once again. In addition, one day my wife called Ray up about a snake in our yard and his response time was excellent. Ray pulled up in his trusty white truck to assure our property was safe. In short, in over a year’s time he has ridden us from bats, flying squirrels, woodpeckers and a snake. With each removal Ray came with a smile, a laugh and a different skill. Thanks Ray!!

Edie – Chappaqua, NY

We had a raccoon right outside our back door, in the middle of the daytime. It looked sick and pretty crazy. We called the police but they said there was nothing they could do. We searched the Internet for pest control in our area, and were lucky to find Ray at Intrepid. From the minute he got on the phone, he was in charge, telling us exactly how to handle the situation. He came over immediately, set a trap, and within 24 hours, that raccoon was captured and gone off our property forever. Not only was the problem taken care of, but Ray was as courteous as he is professional—well mannered, calm, and very experienced. Best of all, his price was not only fair, it was substantially less than a very well known pest control company in the area. Bottom line, this is a man and a company that you can trust to do the job right.