Clarkstown, Rockland County, New York animal trapping and emergency nuisance wildlife removal.

Located on the east side of Rockland County, Intrepid Wildlife Services provides all types of nuisance wildlife service in Clarkstown. Within Clarkstown, New City is also an area we provide animal trapping service.

Wildlife Removal Service in Clarkstown, New York.

Animal Removal in Clarkstown, New York.

  • Bat Removal
    Emergency Bat Services and total home bat control. If you have a bat flying around in your living space, or an attic full of them, we are available to get bats out of your house.
  • Squirrel Trapping and Removal
    Squirrels chew their way into homes in attics and walls. Once this happens, call in the professionals for Clarkstown squirrel trapping.
  • Raccoon Trapping
    Often you’ll find raccoons in the attic or soffits of homes. They den up in these areas to give birth to their young. Raccoons cause property damage and spread disease. Call Intrepid Wildlife Services to trap and remove raccoons from your home.
  • Groundhog / Woodchuck Removal
    Damage to shed, deck, and home foundations is a common problem when you have groundhogs in your yard. We trap and remove woodchucks and repair the damages they cause.
  • Flying Squirrel Removal
    Like and other squirrels, flying squirrels need trapped and removed from attics. The chewing and scratching noises in the attic can end with a call to Intrepid Wildlife Services.
  • Fox Trapping
    Fox problems? Are foxes attacking your pets? Get foxes by hiring an experienced fox removal company.
  • Ground Mole and Vole Removal
    Ground moles and voles destroy your yard and flower beds. It is easy to confuse the two animals, but whether you have moles or voles ruining your yard, Intrepid Wildlife Services traps both animals in Clarkstown.
  • Opossum Trapping
    If you hear noises in the wall, crawlspace, attic or barn, etc. Pretty much anywhere, opossums are possible. Mostly nocturnal marsupials, opossum removal and trapping is a call away 914-293-7593.
  • Skunk Trapping
    Nothing disturbs normal life quite like a skunk. Do you have a skunk smell in your yard? We trap and remove skunks from yards and from under sheds, decks, and crawlspaces. Get skunks out professionally by our trained wildlife control specialists.
  • Snake Removal
    Whether by phobia or the presence of venomous snakes, we remove all types of snakes from your home/property safely. Get snakes out by calling Intrepid Wildlife Services in Clarkstown and all of Rockland County.
  • Chipmunk Trapping
    Chipmunks cause damage to flower beds and landscaping. They also store food reserves and next where you don’t want them. When you have chipmunks, we remove and trap them.

Since Clarkstown is on the Hudson, there are many types animals that could come by way of water. Muskrats and turtles problems in Clarkstown can be solved with a call to Intrepid Wildlife Services.

Humane Animal Trapping

Intrepid Wildlife Services specializes in humane live trapping methods. Specific live traps needed depend on the animal, size, species and how they gain access to homeowner’s property. With jobs ranging from lawns, attics, walls, crawlspaces, sheds, porches, garages and many more. Although we use a wide variety of different humane traps, they all boil down to three different types. Detailed below are: the individual live trap, a one-way excluder and a one-way multi catch trap.