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Emergency Animal Removal and Wildlife Prevention WESTCHESTER, NY

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Emergency Animal Removal Service

Just how it sounds, emergency animal removal service is for the times you need help now!  24/7 we answer the phone to rid the bat flying around the house, or whatever other animal needs getting rid of.

Bat removal Service

When bats get in the house, it could be one lone bat, or an entire colony in the walls, basement, chimney, or attic.  Bat removal is best left to the professionals due to safety issues with bats and their guano.  Our humane techniques for effective bat removal doesn’t harm bats, but rids the problem for you, the customer.

Squirrel Removal Service

Squirrels are common nuisance animals that commonly get into walls, attics, and chimneys. Animal removal for squirrels often includes blocking off numerous entry points, and barricading a trap over the last entrance point.  This professional technique used by our staff is sure to get the squirrels out of your building.

Raccoon Removal Service

Raccoons can tear through the roof in a single night, and are commonly found inside homes in the attic, walls, and out buildings. During the springtime, mother raccoons look for safe den spots to birth litters of young.  Raccoons can often have 3-4 babies at a time.  It is loud and smelly.  If you have multiple raccoons, you could have had a litter born, or you could have a group of males who often stick together.  Whatever the case, we provide effective raccoon removal service.

Skunk Removal Service

Skunks are the easiest animal to know you have without even seeing it.  Animal removal for skunks is often needed when you’ve got a skunk under your shed, deck, or in the crawl space.  Effective skunk removal is not only trapping the skunk, but hopefully avoiding the skunk being startled and spraying on people of property.

Bird Removal Service

There are two types of common bird removals. Animal removal for birds in buildings is needed when birds gain access through open or broken vents. Birds also commonly get into walls, through open doors and windows, and chimneys. The other type of bird removal is more of a deterrent service.  Keep bird from roosting and nesting in unwanted locations with out bird removal services.

Snake Removal Service

If you have a nuisance snake needing removed, Intrepid Wildlife Services animal removal for snakes is perfect.  Call now.

Mole Removal Service

Moles are the bane of any lawn’s existence. Moles can tunnel at an alarming rate in most soils.  Their tunneling can kill large areas of grass.  Animal removal for moles usually includes trapping and removing unwanted moles as soon as possible.

Woodchuck Removal Service

Woodchucks, also known as ground hogs, dig their own dens, often under sheds and decks.  They can burrow down and undermine a foundation.  Animal removal for woodchucks usually includes barricading a trap over the entrance point of a den, and waiting for the animal to surface.

Other Animals

We offer animal removal service for several other animal.  Click above for details.

Noises in the attic?

Once animal removal has been performed:

Repairs and exclusionary work

The first step in any animal removal job, is getting rid of the animal causing the problems.  Next thing, and probably more important, is repairing the animal damage, excluding other animals from possible entry through old entrance points.