Animal Removal Yonkers

Intrepid Wildlife Services is the premier company for Animal Removal Yonkers needs.  Our primary area includes Westchester.  We focus on a small area to serve the needs of our clients.  Every part of wild animal control is covered in our service.  The damage caused by animals is repaired after humane removal has been executed.

We do not handle domestic dog and cat calls.  Westchester Humane Society should be contacted for such matters. Humane Society: (914) 377-6730  When it comes to nuisance wildlife removal, they do not offer a free service for this.

  • Animal Removal in Yonkers - bat removed from fireplace.Do you hear noises in the walls or attic?  Scratching?
  • Do you need a wild animal removed from your property?
  • Do you have bats, birds or squirrels in the house?
  • Intrepid will remedy any situation

Animals in New York are adapted to living in an urban environment.  They gain access to homes from the foundation to the roof ridge.  Techniques to repair and exclude animals from certain places have been developed, and applied on a job by job basis.

Yonkers Animal Removal Advice: If you see wildlife in the yard, leave it alone.  Raccoons and squirrels are cute when they are young.  You may assume a baby raccoon has been abandoned by its mother and you’re doing it a favor by bringing it into the house.  The diseases carried by wild animals can be passed to humans through bites.  It is impossible to tell if animals have disease just by looking at them.  The little animal in your yard is likely not abandoned.  Just leave it be.  Don’t feed the animals either.

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