One of the most common problems that we respond to in the Westchester area come from bat colonies. Bat infestations are quite common in this area, they cause huge problems for you as a homeowner. Bats pose a threat to your property and family. Make sure to have professional bat removal on hand as soon as you find out about them. Or, better yet, make sure your home has been professionally batproofed long before you run into problems at all. Bats can often be in your home, causing damage and spreading disease for weeks before you ever know they’re there.

Why use a professional for bat removal?

There are a lot of good reasons to use a professional for bat removal rather than doing it yourself. The most notable are:

  • Disease
  • Damage and Repair
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Preventing Future Intrusions

Bats and Disease

Bats carry diseases that can be incredibly harmful to human beings, most notably rabies and histoplasmosis. They spread disease both through their waste and through scratching or biting during contact as part of the removal process.

Professional removal services serve your family well here, in making sure that nobody is exposed to potentially harmful disease during the removal process. Professional bat removal also includes cleanup of the waste left behind by the colony, as well, once again shielding your family from a potentially hazardous disease encounter.

Bat Damage and Repair

Bat colonies will do incredible amounts of damage while they’re inside your home. Intrusion points will be made wider and more accessible during flights in and out, structure will be damaged during roosting, and the colony’s waste will do tremendous damage to anything that it touches.

Professional bat removal service can include repair of what’s been damaged by the bat colony’s intrusion. With a special focus on the kind of repairs needed to clean up behind a bat infestation, the repairs can be handled swiftly and economically, getting your home back to pristine shape in short order.

Environmental Regulations for Bat Removal

Another important consideration in choosing a professional for bat removal is that many bats are considered to be endangered, and their handling is governed by state and federal regulations. Wildlife professionals are trained in the handling of bats and are schooled in all of the necessary regulations, to say nothing of their ability to identify the type of bat on sight and know what should be done with it. For someone who just wants the bats gone from the attic, this is a lot of information to have to look up to make sure you’re playing by the rules.

Batproofing and Preventing Future Intrusions

If the point of access that allowed the bat colony into your home isn’t properly sealed – along with other potential access points – it’s only a matter of time before bats once again seek the warmth and shelter that your home provides them.

Bat removal specialists are trained to identify both active access points and potential access points, and after making sure the colony has been removed can seal your home up to prevent any future infestations from manifesting themselves. Not only does this kind of work prevent future access from bats and other wildlife, it can also help to make your home less drafty and reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Choose the Experts

There are many potential problems that can come from a bat colony. You owe it to yourself and your family to make sure bats are removed quickly and professionally. At Intrepid Wildlife Services, we’re fully trained bat removal specialists, and we can make sure that your home gets bat-free and stays bat-free so you can sleep easier.

If you have a bat problem, or even if you’re afraid that you might, contact us today and let us help you.