Wildlife Control Yorktown, NY

Yorktown Squirrel Removal:

February 2015:

A call from a prefab homeowner came in. During our inspection we found multiple holes in the soffits which allowed the squirrels into the crawlspace area of the attic. The tenant was complaining of noises coming from the area. A humane trapping program was set up and over the course of a week five gray squirrels were caught. After making sure there was no more activity, the holes were closed off to prevent any other squirrels from entering in the future. In addition custom vent covers were fabricated and installed over vulnerable vents to prevent any other wildlife from entering.

Yorktown Snake Removal:

January 2015 [Emergency Service]:

We received a call from a client who had gone into their basement and noticed that a small Black Snake had appeared and was coiled up beside their dryer. We arrived on scene as soon as possible and were able to grab the snake with ease. It was mostly like hibernating in the basement and had woken up to feed on Camel crickets that were also residing in the basement.