White Plains, NY Wildlife Removal

Being the largest city in all of Westchester County, White Plains offers a variety of habitats for nuisance wildlife. We receive calls for raccoons and squirrels above all else. Because of the bountiful amount of food sources (restaurant waste, garbage and plants from homeowners) raccoons and squirrels have it easy in White Plains. In a few instances we have responded to calls to raccoons walking through cat and dog doors to get to pet food. Since White Plains in in central Westchester Intrepid goes through the city at least twice a day and can get there in a half hour being only 22 miles away.

White Plains Bat Removal:

August 2014:

A client called late one night requesting emergency services for a bat in the living space. Upon arrival the bat was found in an upstairs bathroom window. It was caught and the house was then inspected for entry points and vulnerabilities. A recommendation of bat proofing services was given and the client agreed. Work began a few days later. The bat was then taken to the Westchester Department of Health to be tested for Rabies. It came back negative.

White Plains Squirrel Removal:

March 2014:

A client had hired roofers to patch a hole in a home. However they found out that a female gray squirrel was using it to enter the home. This squirrel was entering through the soffit next to a chimney. It was believed that the squirrel was raising her young and that a nest was within the confines of the house. Once Intrepid removed the female was removed the roofers came out to the site to replace a facia board. When the old board was taken off Ray climbed up and located the elusive nest and removed four young squirrels who were subsequently reunited with the female.


February 2014:

The cable guy came out to install a cable through an attic space. Upon entering the attic he saw squirrels running around. He informed the homeowner who then called us. We arrived at the site to start the inspection. During this inspection Ray found what he considers the largest squirrel nest he’s seen during his 21+ years working with squirrels. The client signed up for a one week trapping program which saw three males being captured and removed. Afterwards the entry point, an open coupla, was closed off preventing any further squirrels from entering.


White Plains Raccoon Removal

April 2014:

A call was received from a client stating that a raccoon has set up residence in their basement and was eating the cats food. It was determined that the raccoon was gaining access through a cat door which lead to the lower level of the house. Live traps were set up inside the basement and after a few days two raccoons were caught and removed. Recommendations were made to the client to get a remote door opening collar so that the door would only allow the cat to enter and exit.

May 2014:

We received a call for Raccoons in an attic. This house was a large three story home. It was determined that a female raccoon had gained access by way of a gabled vent. Because of the height of the house multiple ladders had to be used to access the attic area. Baited traps were set up which were ignored by the raccoon. To counter this a custom positive set trap was set (a trap put over the entry/exit hole). She was caught in the trap when she left at night to forage. The next morning we returned and removed the trap. After the female was secured in the trunk. three young were removed from a corner section of the attic. They were reunited and released together later that evening. The vents were then covered to prevent any future raccoon or other wildlife entry.

White Plains Skunk Removal

White Plains Bird Removal

January 2014 [Emergency Services]:

A call came in on a Sunday afternoon about a bird in a closet. Within 30 minutes Intrepid arrived on sight. Once escorted to the closet which turned out to be a utility closet which housed the heating system. The bird had gained access through the heating exhaust pipe and was now flying around the room. After a brief chase the bird was captured by net and hand released outside. A cover was installed on the pipe outside to prevent any future attempts by birds to enter.

White Plains Snake Removal

White Plains Mole Removal

White Plains Woodchuck Removal