Rye, NY

Rye Mole Removal

March 2015

A call came in from a homeowner that said they had severe damage in their lawn caused by moles. When we arrived at the site we noticed that there were multiple mounds of dirt that was pushed up in various parts of their property, additionally right in the middle of their backyard was a large pond. Once we began setting up mole traps we found that the tunnels had a lot of water in them, which means that a Star-nosed Mole was the culprit. These moles are semi-aquatic. After a few days the mole was caught in the trap and removed. No new activity was spotted for a few days, which left us with the service of monitoring the yard once a month unless the client calls.

Rye Squirrel Removal

May 2014 [Emergency Services]:

After a call came in from a client saying that there was a squirrel inside of their garage and refused to leave even with the door left open, Ray rushed over. Once on site, Ray met with the owner and was shown into the garage where he began his search. After a short chase through kids toys and gardening supplies Ray successfully grabbed the squirrel with his bare, technically gloved, hands. Because the client is an active member of the United States Military (Marine Corps) he received a discount for the emergency service call.

Squirrel Selfie 1

February 2014 [Emergency Services]:

We received a call on a Saturday evening from a couple who had just returned home from a ski trip. When they entered the home they discovered significant damage around windows. They went upstairs and heard an animal noise. When Intrepid arrived we took a look at the damaged window frames and determined that it was a squirrel who fell through the chimney and became trapped inside the home. Ray went upstairs to the sight of where the most recent noises were heard. The squirrel was located in a bedroom, under a bed. Using some of the items in the room Ray forced the squirrel into the live trap. We found that the chimney’s damper top was left opened which allowed the squirrel to enter.