Peekskill, NY Wildlife Removal

From 2007 to 2014 Intrepid Wildlife Services operated out of Peekskill, currently we are just down the road and can respond to any call within a matter of minutes. The City of Peekskill has both dense urban areas and rural woodsy neighborhoods. This in addition to its proximity to the Hudson River results in a number of diverse wildlife habitats. The urban city center hosts raccoons in storm drains and old buildings to bats roosting in the coupla and bell towers of historic homes and structures. Once we even had Chimney Swifts living inside of a chimney by the hundreds. As far as the suburban neighborhoods we have seen squirrels, raccoons, and skunks along with the occasional coyotes and foxes among other things.

Peekskill Bat Removal

December 2014:

A call for help came in from a Daycare Center about a bat flying around inside. Within 15 minutes we arrived. With the help of the manager who pointed to the room we located the bat hanging on the wall in one of the classrooms. The bat was prepared for the Health Department, no one was certain whether the bat was inside the room while children were in there but thankfully the bat came back negative.

Peekskill Squirrel Removal

May 2014:

A client contacted us saying that she had seen a squirrel running along the roof and then disappear behind the gutter. She also mentioned that she had been hearing noises from inside the attic. A ladder inspection was performed which revealed a hole going into the attic from the roofline where the gutter met the roof. A trapping program was established which resulted in five young squirrels being captured in addition to a female gray squirrel, which was later removed. Once we where sure there was no other squirrels the hole was sealed thus preventing any further squirrels from entering.

Peekskill Raccoon Removal

April 2014:

Responded to a call about a raccoon in the fireplace area. During the inspection we discovered that the raccoon was inside the flue and had been denning inside the chimney for some time. Traps were set up and the raccoon was captured within 24 hours. The chimney was then inspected to make sure there were no other raccoons living in there as well. Finally a stainless steel chimney cap was installed on top to prevent any wildlife from using the chimney as a den location.