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Intrepid Wildlife Services | Mohegan Lake, New York

Intrepid Wildlife Services can help remove unwanted animals from your home and help prevent pests from making entry into your home.

Our company provides pest control and removal services for birds, raccoons, bats, squirrels, woodchucks and other animals native to the Westchester area. Animal infestations can create a number of problems for property owners, including infrastructure damage, electrical damage and health hazards. Attempting to remove pests on your own is not recommended as you may not catch all the pests and because of dangers related to pest removal. Trained professionals can provide safe and effective pest control.

When you call Intrepid Wildlife Services, we’ll visit your property and ascertain what type of pests are inhabiting your property and where they’re gaining entry. We’ll then work to remove the pests and seal points of entry to prevent another infestation. We can also provide preventative services.

We are experienced in animal control services and work to remove pests from your property as safely and humanely as possible.

Intrepid Wildlife Services: 2841 Stoney Street
Mohegan Lake, NY
Service hours: Open 24 hours a day
Phone: 914-293-7593

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    Locations Served

    Intrepid Wildlife Services serves the Westchester area, including the following communities:

    • Bedford
    • Chappaqua
    • Rye
    • Harrison
    • White Plains
    • New Rochelle
    • Mamaroneck
    • Yorktown
    • Ossining
    • Katona
    • Salem
    • Hastings on Hudson
    • Sleepy Hollow
    • Terrytown
    • Peekskill
    • Scarsdale


    Highly recommended. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service I got from Ray. Awoke this morning to a bat flying around the bedroom. After a little research I called Ray and he was ready to drop everything and come out right away. He understands the sense of urgency we have when we call him after finding unwanted critters in the house and responds. He was so fast and careful once the bat was located. He’s sincerely a pleasure to deal with. Intrepid Wildlife is now in my contact list just in case I need him again. I’ll sleep easier tonight!

    Ray is one of the best service professionals I have ever dealt with. A squirrel had gotten into the chimney and was scratching and banging against the fireplace flue. When I called, Ray had already passed through my area but turned around and was at my house within a 1/2 hour of my calling. His professionalism, expertise and delightful personality made the entire experience extremely pleasant.

    We found a raccoon in our garage nestled in a difficult get to corner and we contacted Intrepid Wildlife Service because of their 24 hour service. Within 30 minutes they were at our home and quickly captured the animal. Great customer service and a reasonable price! We highly recommend them.


    Intrepid Wildlife Services Intrepid Wildlife Services is the premier pest control service in Peekskill, NY. Please call 914-293-7593.span>

    2841 Stoney Street
    Mohegan Lake, NY 10547
    Latitude: 41.28594
    Longitude: -73.91240