Ossining, NY Wildlife Removal

Ossining Squirrel Removal

April 2015

We received a call about squirrels entering a detached garage by way of its soffits. Through our inspection we discovered that squirrels had been using the garage for a number of years with various attempts to close off the entryways. A trapping program was set up which successfully captured one female squirrel, which had not yet had young. After monitoring the entry point for a few days a permanent barrier was created using aluminum trim stock and closed the job. In addition a raccoon had been climbing on the same garage so we simply set a trap for it and had it captured and relocated the next day.

Ossining Skunk Removal:

March 2015:

A caller was comparing of an odor, she had looked out one of her windows and actually caught two skunks breeding in her yard. Upon our inspection a hole was located underneath a window well which the skunks were using as a den site. A trapping program was set up immediately which resulted in six skunks being caught and relocated in seven days, all of which were removed safely and odorlessly.

February 2014:

A client had described a very strong skunk odor in the front part of their house by their living room. Through an inspection Ray found a tunnel system under the snow, against the foundation by a porch. Two live traps were set up. As a result, two skunks were captured over the course of three nights.

Skunk Burrow


Ossining Squirrels Removal:

April 2014:

A client called saying that they had heard chewing and running noises in the attic during the day. Upon the inspection of the structure we found an point of entry squirrels had chewed out. It was located through a trim board above a gutter. A trapping program was set up which resulted in five gray squirrels being captured and relocated. Afterwards the hole was monitored for a few days to ensure no other squirrels were using it. The hole was then animal proofed.