Wildlife Control Katonah, NY

Katonah NY Animal Removal:

Katonah Squirrel Removal

September 2014:

A caller complained about squirrels entering a crawlspace above an office in a detached garage. They said the noises of squirrels scurrying and chewing was distracting them from their work. We located two entry points in the dormer soffets. Immediately we set up multiple humane live traps. Over the course of the week six squirrels (one female and five of her young who were adolescents). After the squirrels were removed and relocated the client had her contractor fix the deteriorated wood that the squirrels had used to enter the structure.

Katonah Bat Removal

March 2014:

A homeowner hired a contracting company to do a energy audit. When the contractors inspected the attic space they came across a large amount of droppings, in addition a few bats were spotted. During our inspection Intrepid confirmed that the droppings were from bats and that they had set up a small colony in the attic. The home was then bat proofed by sealing up small holes, covering up vents with custom covers and installing one way doors for bats to escape safely without the possibility of them reentering the home.

January 2015 [Emergency Service]:

On the way to a squirrel job we received a call from a client saying how he had a bat sighting early in the morning. He had seen it in his bathroom and managed to secure it under a plastic container inside of his shower. A short while later we arrived and removed the bat from the shower and prepared it for the Westchester County Health Department. An internal and external inspection was done for possible entry points. During the attic inspection numerous droppings were discovered indicating an infestation. This time of year when calls about bats in the living space it usually indicates bats are hibernating inside of the house whether it be inside the walls or in the attic. All areas, except for the entry points, can be sealed up during the winter but one way doors won’t be installed until early spring when the bats begin to enter and exit during the night.