Wildlife Removal Irvington, NY

Irvington Flying Squirrel Removal

March 2015

A client told us that their husband had seen an animal that looked bigger than a mouse in his bathroom during the morning. We arrived and during our inspection we found dropping in the bathroom identifying the animal as a flying squirrel. A thorough search was done looking for the small nocturnal creature. Unable to locate it a trapping program was set up inside the house and a couple of days later we were successful in trapping and removing it.

Irvington NY Raccoon Removal:

November 2014:

A call was received from a large housing complex. The superintendent of the property had been receiving calls from homeowners about raccoons who were acting aggressive to their pets while walking them during the early evening. A weeklong humane trapping program was established. A total of seven raccoons and two possums were captured and relocated. The homeowners have not seen anymore raccoons since the program was completed.