Wildlife Removal Croton on Hudson, NY

Croton Squirrel Removal

April 2014:

The caller contacted us regarding solar panels being installed the previous day. He continued and said that a female squirrel had moved in with her young and made the area between the panels and the roof a nest. The day after the squirrels moved in the power went out and it was revealed that the squirrels had chewed the electrical wiring. We arrived, found one of the juvenile squirrels which was promptly netted, and installed live traps near the panels. Within a few days we had removed the female and the remainder of the juvenile squirrels by way of live traps. We researched and found an exclusionary product that designed for solar panels that prevents wildlife from getting under them. Being that the solar panels were leased it was up to the solar company to maintain and install the product.



December 2014:

A call came in from a tenant who was experiencing noises at night in her walls and ceiling. After speaking to the landlord we found out that another company had offered only trapping but no prevention. We then explained that removal without prevention would only temporarily solve the problem and offered to remove the squirrels and seal the house. Eight flying squirrels were captured and removed and a variety of potential entry points were sealed. Once the last animal was removed and there was no more activity observed we repaired the areas where the flying squirrels were entering most frequently. The tenant is no longer hearing any animal noises and is sleeping a lot better.

Flying Squirrel Removal Croton on Hudson