Cortlandt Manor, NY Wildlife Removal

Cortlandt Manor Raccoon Removal:

February 2015 [Emergency Services]:

While out checking traps a call was received about a raccoon chewing and scratching on a second floor deck off a bedroom during the daytime. The client had said it had been there sleeping for most of the day. She even sent a small video of it pulling bits of wood off of the railing. Upon our arrival we found the raccoon next to the house in a closed off section amongst lawn furniture. After trying to snare it the raccoon slipped free and climbed up a nearby tree. A trap was set as we waited for it to climb down. During all of this the raccoon was making strange whining noises along with growls and purrs. Once the raccoon reached the ground it inspected the trap then ran to the other side of the house where we again tried to snare it. It again climbed up a nearby tree, this time getting to the roof and returning to the deck. A third attempt to snare it on the deck failed so a trap was again set on the deck where it was finally captured within minutes.

Cortlandt Manor Skunk Removal:

March 2014 [Emergency Services]:

We answered a call about a dead on a clients property during the day. Seeing as this was not a priority Ray had schedule for its removal later in the day until Intrepid received a second call in which the client stated she now saw a live skunk which had sprayed and was now hanging around near the dead one. Finding this odd and the fact that this was now a emergency removal Ray rushed over. When Ray approached the area where the dead skunk was located the live skunk popped up from underneath a nearby barbecue grill and charged him but then retreated back to the grill. Acting fast Ray grabbed two live traps and as the skunk reappeared from a second time Ray hastily placed them in front of him. The skunk took less than two minutes to find its way into one of the live traps. We were able to then remove the dead skunk and then deodorized the house.

Cortlandt Manor Woodchuck Removal:

May 2014:

A call was received asking about woodchuck removal. Ray went to the site. Once there, Ray discovered that the woodchuck had burrowed up underneath a very small crawl space in the front of the client’s house. A live trap was set up to capture the woodchuck. By 5:00pm we received a call saying there was a woodchuck captured and waiting inside the trap.

Woodchuck Removal