As a homeowner in the Westchester, New York area, one of the most important things you can do to protect your home from wildlife problems is to bat proof your home. Professional batproofing services protect your home and family from the dangers of a bat colony invading the property; they can cause hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage during their occupation, to say nothing of the threat they pose to your family from disease.

Batproofing doesn’t just keep your home and family safe, though. It also helps to improve the value of your home. Batproofing increases the value of your most important investment.

The Benefits of Pre-emptive Batproofing

What’s that? You don’t have a bat problem? Good. You don’t want one. Bat colonies cause tremendous damage to your home and bring disease with them that can threaten your family. Batproofing isn’t to remove bats, it’s to ensure you never have a problem with them in the first place.

Consider it a pre-emptive strike. Bats are incredibly active in the Westchester area, and even the smallest entry point can give them access to the warmth and relative safety that they crave and that your home provides them. By batproofing before they ever find a way in, you’re sparing yourself the headache, expense, and stress of the removal process.

The Value of Batproofing

By having wildlife professionals examine your home for potential entry points and subsequently seal those points off, you’re preventing bat access in the future. This service is almost always provided after bat removal. Very few homeowners pay for a removal only to leave the doors open and invite more bats in to take the evicted colony’s place. By batproofing before you ever have a problem, you’re saving money by not having to pay for removal, as well.

It’s also an investment in your home itself. By batproofing, you’re increasing your home’s value by adding that shield against bats (and potentially other wildlife, as well). The same steps that are taken to batproof your home also help make your home weatherproof, which can increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Finally, you’re preventing the costly repairs that a bat colony can cause. They force access points to be wider as they flow in and out of your home, making small problems much larger problems. They damage your home’s structure as they roost, and their waste can cause incredible amounts of damage to your home in addition to inviting disease.

A Batproofing Checkup

Even if you had your home batproofed in the past, it’s a good idea to have a checkup done once a year. As homes age, settle, and are ravaged by the weather, new access points for bats can pop up unexpectedly. By having a professional bat expert check your batproofing once each year, you can make sure that no new access points have popped up over time.

Let Us Help You

With so many potential problems that can come from a bat colony, you owe it to yourself and your family to make sure they never make it inside. At Intrepid Wildlife Services, we’re fully trained batproofing specialists, and we can make sure that your home stays bat-free so that you can sleep easier.

If you’d like to talk about making sure your home is properly batproofed, contact us today and let us help you.