Armonk, NY

Armonk Skunk Removal

March 2015

A client had gone on vacation for a week and returned home to find a skunk foraging on birdseeds from their bird feeders during the day. In addition the skunk seemed to be acting strangely in that it was often falling and stumbling over and seen eating during daylight hours. Live traps were set at approximately 12pm and at 4pm the client called us that the skunk had been caught. We returned to the site and picked it up. Unfortunately wildlife can sometimes get sick and in this instance, because of public health reasons, the skunk had to be humanely euthanized.

Armonk Rabbit Removal:

March 2015:

A lady had called numerous companies asking about effective rabbit trapping. Most companies told her that they were very hard to capture. After agreeing to our terms she had us come out to do a site assessment which lead to us setting up four rabbit traps around areas she had previously seen the rabbit. Numerous shrubs around her property had chew damage along with scattered droppings indicating that the rabbits were using her property as a feeding ground. On the third visit to check traps the rabbit had been successfully trapped.