March 2015

We can finally see the ground! With temperatures steadying above freezing and the snow and ice finally melting, Spring is right around the corner. With these new temperatures and change of the season we will begin to see a lot more skunk activity along with squirrel young in the next few weeks. We’ve already caught our first chipmunk and are getting more and more calls for woodchuck removal. Male woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, are often seen up and active in the early morning hours as they are looking for dens occupied by females for breeding purposes. Additionally, calls for raccoon removal services are coming in relating to raccoons that had been hibernating or mostly inactive during the colder parts of the winter are now waking up and have begun causing conflicts. Finally now that the snow and ice have finally thawed we can easily access roof lines and other areas of the roof that were otherwise inaccessible during the winter months which leads to quicker and easier animal proofing of homes.

January 2015

During this time we are receiving mostly squirrel and raccoon calls. People are mainly complaining about animals making vocal noises in their walls and attics. Some of this activity is due to the start of breeding season seen during this time of year. We’ve had some of the lowest temperatures in recent months (teens and single digits) which sometimes causes problems capturing wildlife. However, the lack of high snowfall this season has been a plus.

People who have had wildlife issues in the past and haven’t completely sealed their home are starting to develop new activity because of females who are searching for new sites to build nests and have their young. It is very important to properly animal proof your home to prevent new infestations of wildlife, here at Intrepid we specialize in doing just that.

December 2014

With winter fast approaching the types of calls we receive change. Usually this time of year we are primarily receiving calls for squirrels in the attic as well as them accidentally entering the home, usually by way of the chimney. We are also receiving calls for bats even though it is getting colder. Additionally we sometimes get calls relating to raccoons as well as birds getting into bathroom vents and other areas. And of course flying squirrels running rampant. Because of the seasonal change and pre-breeding flying squirrels make many people’s attics and walls their home.

At night people will hear scurrying, scratching, tapping and other annoying noises. Unfortunately these noises are heard while clients are trying to sleep as they are nocturnal. If you have an issue, feel free to call us any time at 914-293-7593. We want to thank all of our past clients for their support throughout the year and want to wish everyone a happy holidays and a prosperous New Year.

May: The month of the Young

Our wildlife control experts have been very busy removing squirrel and raccoon young all over Westchester; From White Plains to Rye and Scarsdale to Chappaqua these little guys are starting to become rambunctious. All of our recent cases the female and her young have been captured and safely relocated together. This time a year is such a challenge to locate the nest in attics and other areas of homes. People are complaining about hearing noises and attics. Running around and chatter coming from above their ceilings is a common complaint. Often times homeowners find the young running around their roof once they reach a more juvenile stage in their life. Typically the longer they stay in your home the more likely the more severe and wide spread the damage will be.

Being that the raccoon young are nocturnal they will be most active during the nighttime. When the young become hungry they will make noises that can be mistaken for bird chirps. As a result we will receive calls from homeowners saying they have birds and only realize that it is raccoons once we arrive and do an assessment. This is a sensitive time of year to ensure that young are not abandoned by making sure we check each female to see if she is lactating to determine whether or not she has young.

The young themselves will typically be dependent on their mother for several months but can start causing damage once their eyes are open and they are capable of moving on their own. Even after they’ve reached the juvenile stage they may stay in the attic using it as den site.

January 2014 Is Squirrel Season:

Phone calls are starting to come in for squirrel removal! We have prepared ahead of time with extra equipment and materials for the influx of squirrels in the household. We are offering a 10% discount for trapping and exclusions in all jobs pertaining to squirrels. Squirrels commonly enter through gabled vents, soffits, and occasionally through a fireplace via an unprotected chimney. We have received a new order of 100% stainless steel chimney caps to prevent them from entering. Gray squirrels are gnawing through wood and soffits and gaining access to the attic. Females are usually nesting up there ruining insulation and damaging electrical wires. We have had many different age groups of squirrels from a month or two old to four month old.

We have also had problems with handymen and roofers closing off holes trapping gray squirrels inside the house. Professional wildlife removal is paramount to prevent more damage. We first start with an evaluation to identify the entry points and possible nesting locations. We start with a trapping program, if a female is lactating, then special care is needed to locate the young to remove them together to ensure that the young aren’t abandoned.

Many times when a do-gooder contractor has closed a hole it will force squirrels to look for other exit points or make their own often damaging parts of your home in the process. If you hear scurrying of feet or gnawing sounds you may have squirrels.